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Monster Phonics Free Resources and Webinar


Monster Phonics

Some of you have already come across the new Monster Phonics reading scheme in your schools.

In Monster Phonics, different phonemes are represented by different colours. The long vowel sound “ay” is red, “ee” is green and so on. Each colour is  also represented by a monster character. Silent letters are white ghosts and consonants are black cats! We are very grateful to the founder of this innovative, DfE-approved scheme, Ingrid Connors, who has kindly offered our volunteers free access to their complete library of Monster Phonics eBooks, free resources for our website and a live webinar to talk about the scheme. If you are interested in registering for the e-Library login password let us know  by emailing

If you would like to book a spot on the webinar on February 9th 2024 at 6pm “How to Improve Progress Using Monster Phonics eBooks”  please follow this link: 

A recording of the webinar will be added to our website resources section after the event.